Herbal Tea with Lavender

Herbal Tea with Lavender

Nothing beats a hot cup of tea on a cold winter day. Add some lavender to that tea and experience the bliss.

Lavender is an incredibly calming and healing herb. I’ve often found myself boiling a big pot of water on the stove and throwing in lavender flowers in the wate and letting it simmer for hours infusing the house with the sweet scent of lavender.

One of my other favorite ways to enjoy lavender is in tea.

Part used: dried lavender flowers

My favorite herbal tea blend with lavender is:

  • 1 part lemon balm
  • 1 part oatstraw
  • ¼ part lavender flowers

Lavender is loaded with essential oils and is thus very aromatic. A little big goes a long way. Plenty of times I’ve out done myself with the lavender. Whoops! So, I generally use a lot less lavender relative to the other herbs in the tea so it doesn’t over power the other flavors.

I recommend 1-2 tsp of dried herbs per 8 oz of water. Pour hot water over the herbs and let it steep for 10 minutes. Strain the herbs through a cheesecloth or strainer and enjoy!

This blend is very calming, good for digestion, and uber nourishing for the nervous system.

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